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Design and Construction Businesses

Token Corporation fulfills its commitment to customers and the public through an integrated supervisory framework that covers design, construction, and maintenance.

Integrated Design, Construction, and Supervision System

The Token Cooperative group consists of approximately 1,300 construction companies nationwide (as of October 31, 2006), managed by an integrated supervision framework encompasses all aspects of their activities-from design and construction to maintenance. We continually endeavor to increase our overall supervisory effectiveness, which helps to raise productivity by reducing cost and construction time as well as improving quality.

  • Land Survey
  • Building Design
  • Foundation Work
  • Exterior Work
  • Interior Work
  • Final Inspection
  • Transfer to Owner
  • Maintenance

Achieving High Quality and Reducing Cost

Improving quality increases costs…to disprove this accepted notion we are implementing our own set of highly perfected design and specification standards. We have reduced costs by following our slogan, “Globally sourcing the best materials at the best prices.” At the same time, we offer a wide variety of designs and specifications to enable our buildings to blend in with the character of the neighborhood yet preserve individuality.

  • Design
    Creating high-quality housing that makes dreams a reality
    “Creating architectural works that retain their value into the future…” Guided by this business principle, Token Corporation endeavors to construct high-quality housing. High-value-added design that realizes the dreams of tenants and owners as well as the ideals of society is reflected in all of our standardized products.
  • Building Materials
    Becoming the Construction Company of the future-Building material systems utilizes subsidiaries
    Token’s building materials subsidiary, Nasluck, develops original building materials and housing equipment specifically designed for rental housing. We have established an economical mass production system for building materials that supplies structural products made at our own factory (such as steel beams) packaged for individual project that conform to our standardized designs and specifications.
  • Construction
    In-House Integrated Design, Construction, and Supervision System
    We have standardized our buildings by introducing an in-house integrated system that manages design, construction, and supervision. The system enables us to increase productivity through cost reductions, shorter construction times, and the maintenance and improvement of quality.
  • Standardized Products
    Mobilizing the Overall Power of the Token Group
    Token Corporation is proud of its own brand products, which have been developed to meet a variety of different needs. Our product line features designs that blending in with surrounding neighborhoods and offer a rich range of features and variations.

Lease Construction Projects

Lease Construction ProjectsWe build high-quality housing in which different concepts are reflected in the structural and conceptual designs. These concepts include such harmonies as those between man and nature, traditional and modern architecture, and straight and curved lines. The concepts are embodied not only in the exterior design, but also in every aspect of the living space. We offer lease buildings that owners can be proud of and are committed to ensuring that they can realize their dreams regarding the project.
Lease Construction Projects we have been involved with so far.

Residential Division

Residential DivisionWe propose rich and fulfilling lifestyles to our customers based on order-made or high quality standardized buildings. We offer total consulting services that include not only individual residences, but also dual-purpose and multi-purpose housing incorporating the requirements and needs of customers. Our high-quality, flexible designs allow us to supply all our customers with comfortable and enjoyable buildings.

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