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Lease Property Construction Business (Rental and Lease Housing Construction for Landowners)

We offer land utilization services that landowners can be confident in because our planning incorporates know-how and knowledge accumulated over more than 30-years in the business.

Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing
As a pioneer in effective land-use in Japan, we have accumulated more than 30-years of know-how in our core business, allowing us to handle all operations related to housing construction. Using our IT-based proprietary marketing survey, budgetary construction estimates, and other tools, we offer optimum planning schemes for landowners.
Construction Design
Construction Design
The Token Cooperative group comprises approximately 1,300 construction companies nationwide (at October 31, 2006). We utilize an integrated supervisory framework to supervise all their activities, from design to construction and maintenance. Through the use of our construction progress tracking system, "PRODUCE" , we also are able to increase supervisory effectiveness, raise productivity, and improve quality, while reducing cost and construction time.
Brokerage and Management
Brokerage and Management
"Home Mate" is our national network of branch offices specializing in tenant procurement. To do so, these branch offices utilize our proprietary "5 Media Advertising System" , which provides brokerage staff and real estate companies that have contracts with Token timely rental property information utilizing multimedia technology. The branch offices and information system are integrated into a real estate brokerage network, dedicated to ensuring full occupancy.

Flowchart for Land-Use Lease Housing Construction Business

Discover landowner's purpose for the land-use and propose optimal business plan.
Investigate the features of the land and carry out a survey of surrounding market trends to determine the correct type of building to construct.
Management Consultation
Provide landowner appropriate advise, addressing concerns and answering questions.
Business Plan
Carry out sensible non-business (income and expenses), tax, legal, capital, and layout planning that keeps in mind the future of property owners and their families.
Obtain informal consent to proceed (intent or agreeing to enter into a contract).
Planning & Design
Decide the floor plan and design, specification, exterior, and other design aspects. Decide the room plan, facility, specification, exterior and other design aspects of the building.
Customer signs lease contract with Token Building Management Co., Ltd., a Token Group corporation.
Construction Start
To maintain high technological standards, we have formed the Token Cooperative group, which is comprised of leading construction companies nationwide.
Tenant Procurement & Management
Implement multimedia-based advertising for tenant procurement that ensures the introduction of trustworthy tenants.
Total after-sales services provided through detailed and regular inspections, keeping buildings clean and well appointed.
  • CATCHRetail and Commercial Lease Property ConstructionSecuring retail or commercial space is a key consideration for companies expanding their businesses. On the other hand, landowners construct commercial lease buildings in an effort to save on taxes. This system for linking landowners and corporate tenants utilizes our proprietary networks to support the opening of large-scale stores or warehouses.
  • USEEffective Land Use through RedevelopmentThis is a condominium development system for urban or city districts that pairs a rental property with the owner's home to maximize the value of the land. One of the attractions of having a rental property attached to the home is reduced taxes. In addition, the monthly rental income can be used to offset mortgage payments.
  • JUST LANDFixed-Term Land LeasesProperties with a fixed-term land lease in which the land rights are returned to the landowner upon the expiration of the leasehold agreement are attractive to potential homebuyers who want a detached house but have a limited budget. Our Just Land system provides the benefits of a fixed-term leasehold to both the landowner and the prospective homeowner.
  • JUST HOUSEFixed-Term House Leasing SystemBy implementing a system for fixed-term house leases with no restrictions on the actual term, we enable owners to utilize their detached homes or condominiums as rental housing. This system matches owners with tenants looking for properties with extensive floor space, and allows for any lease-term length.
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