One Year Condominium Business

Token's one year rental condominiums feature an upgraded system that provides advanced land-use for the needs of the modern age and steady management support.

One-Year Furnished Condominium Business

One-Year Furnished Condominium BusinessThe one-year furnished condominium lease system is an original lease system developed by Token based upon an annual contract term. The system offers an attractive option for accommodation seekers since the condominium comes fully furnished, the monthly rent is reasonable, and there is no deposit, key money or referral fee. Representing a new approach to finding tenants, the system is expected to be used primarily by students and business people on temporary assignment requiring a place to reside for a limited time.

The appeal of Token one year condominiums

  • Upscale condominiums with a sophisticated ambienceAn upscale condominium building constructed according to the highest quality standards from its structure to its exterior. This condominium serves the needs of a wide variety of users, providing the utmost in comfort, security, and convenience.
  • Living in comfort immediately from moving dayCondominiums are fully furnished with tastefully coordinated interiors and the fixtures, furniture, and appliances necessary for everyday living. Moreover, they are equipped with digital broadcast TVs, broadband Internet service, and other IT functions. Tenants can start their new life right from the day they move in.
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