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Remodeling and Renovation Business

Utilizing the know-how we have accumulated in our real estate and construction businesses, we create the correct remodeling or renovation plan to deal with the aging or change of lifestyle of the customer based on which we upgrade the building.

Home Remodeling and Renovation Business

Along with the trends of the times and transitions in the surrounding city or town, people’s lifestyles slowly change. Every once in a while, people feel the need to expand or renovate their homes for such reasons as children are growing up and families want to expand the number of rooms or the desire to put in a new system kitchen and change the floor plan.
In our home remodeling and renovation business, we undertake general renovations from remodeling and room expansion to reinforcing for earthquakes, upgrading the exterior, refurbishing kitchen/bathroom plumbing systems, changing floor plans or interiors, and incorporating elderly-friendly designs. Based on our accumulated know-how, we are willing and able to satisfy all types of renovation requests, from apartments and rental condominiums to detached homes.

Interior Renovations

We can propose interior remodeling and renovations such a replacing the wallpaper or newly wallpapering plywood walls, changing the curtains or coordinating optimal lighting fixtures for each room. In addition, we can provide total renovation services, from design to construction, for homeowners wanting to change their floor plans through expansions or renovations.
From old-fashioned sliding screens to modern sliding doors-the fashionable interior is completed by color matching flooring, fixtures, and kitchen.

Exterior Renovations

After our image changing renovations, such as repainting or tiling the exterior, your building will be changed beyond recognition. Using strictly selected colors, we can beautifully finish the overall building while blending it in with the surrounding neighborhood to achieve a sophisticated living environment.
The exterior has been completely refinished with tiles, creating a fresh style that transforms the house into an eye-catching home.

Plumbing Renovations

New plumbing is necessary for system kitchens, unit baths, bathroom vanities with hair showers, and washlet toilets-the highest priority items in home renovations. Token offers an original line of the latest fixtures and equipment for all lifestyles.
The bathroom has been renovated using the newest bath model and bathroom fixtures, transforming it into a bright and cheerful space.

Earthquake Resistance Renovations

We assist you with preparing for possible earthquakes with two proprietary solutions. Pro Shelters is a structural reinforcing system that installs a highly durable frame on the exterior of the house. Shell Box is a structural frame that creates a highly earthquake-resistant safe room in your home.
Pro Shelter and Shell Box

Elderly-Friendly Renovations

Along with the graying of society, it will become necessary to renovate homes to make them more livable for the elderly. Token aims to make the home safer and more comfortable for all the family by using universal design housing products and renovating to create elderly-friendly spaces.

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