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Tenancy Arrangement and Rental Management Businesses

We help to ensure full occupancy for our owners through a wide range of rental information services and Home Mate, our nationwide network of rental service outlets.

Tenancy Arrangement

Home Mate

Logo of HomemateAs of July 2007, we had a nationwide network of 350 offices that supply lease management and tenancy arrangement services. Our lease management services support owners in managing apartments and rental condominiums, while our tenancy arrangements services provide the latest property information to prospective tenants looking for rental properties. Through this nationwide network, we bring tenants together with properties.

Home Mate FC

Logo of Homemate FCHome Mate FC is a franchise system for improving procurement in effectiveness and business efficiency by utilizing our brand power, cumulative business knowledge, and IT network. Based on our fundamental principle of three-way prospering, this system allows all participants-the franchisers, Token Corporation, and tenants-to benefit. We intend to remain a leader in this age of competitive real estate markets by offering the high caliber of management expertise that only Token can provide.

Home Mate Club

Logo of Homemate ClubAs a membership organization, Home Mate Club allows us to share our cutting-edge information system with major real estate companies across the country. Members get free access to our exclusive real estate business support software, Success 21, and automatically receive property information through our multimedia 5 Media Advertising System. We provide complete support for tenant arrangement activities by linking independent businesses together to maximize economies of scale.

Success 21

Success 21 is real estate business support software that Token has developed in-house using the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of property management and increased tenant arrangement effectiveness. Home Mate franchisers and members of the Home Mate Club have free access. All the property information registered in the Success 21 database is reflected in the 5 Media Advertising System, which disseminates information through five different types of media. We effectively arrange for tenants through public relations activities that reach the widest range of potential renters by displaying information in our 5 Media Advertising System. This system boasts over 40 million page views a month via personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices.

Rental Property Information Network
Rental Property Information Network

Rental Management

Sublease Management Agency System

logo of Sublease Management Agency SystemUnder the Token Group's sublease management agency system, Token Building Management Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Token Corporation, concludes comprehensive lease agreements with owners of apartments and rental condominiums, and subleases rooms to tenants. For prolonged vacancies, Token Building Management makes monthly payment of rent to owners, providing owners with a sense of security. Token Corporation's role is to comprehensively manage buildings, tenants, and rent payments, thus liberating owners from such tasks. We are committed to providing owners with long-term, steady management of their apartments and rental condominiums.

Five major advantages that underpin long-term, steady management
1Ensuring a steady revenue stream under the sublease system
For new buildings, Token Building Management pays rent to owners in the order of units for which tenants have completed rent procedures. The company also pays rent to owners when rooms become vacant or tenants fail to pay their rent. In this way, the system ensures a steady revenue stream for owners. Key money (reikin) and maintenance fees (kyoekihi) are paid to owners in full. In the event that rooms become vacant, there is a two-month (60 days) period in which preparations are made for new tenants.
2Up to 30 years of support under the agreement lends a sense of security
The term of a comprehensive lease agreement is up to 30 years to ensure owners long-term, steady management of apartments and rental condominiums. The agreement can be renewed on an annual basis after expiration. The long-term agreements are designed to solidly support property management and provide a sense of security.
3Our fixed rate of payment over 10 years is top level in the industry, at 91%
The rate of payment for rent (95% in nominal terms) is fixed for 10 years. After deducting administrative expenses of 4%, the rate of pavement is 91% in real terms, which is top level in the industry. After the first 10 years, the rate is renewed (reviewed) on an annual basis and adjusted according to the occupancy rate. The rate of payment of rent refers to the percentage of contractual rent that owners receive from the sublease rent.
4Use of a floating-rate sublease system provides owners with an advantage
We employ a floating-rate sublease system. If the sublease rent from tenants increases, the rent paid to owners also rises.
5Taking care of building management and deposit/withdrawal/adjustment services
Anxiety and time-consuming work often accompany the management of apartments and rental condominiums. But rest assured, Token Corporation provides a full range of agency services, covering management of buildings and tenants, monthly payments and transfer of rent, and tenancy arrangements. We support owners in their property management with one of the highest average occupancy rates in the industry (95.7% as of December 2006 for properties under our management).
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