Business Strategy We will aim for consolidated net sales of ¥300 billion in the 41st fiscal term through urban-oriented strategies, will tackle overseas markets in the future, and will raise the speed of our growth

Aiming for consolidated net sales of ¥300 billion in the 41st fiscal term

In the 41st fiscal term, we aim to achieve consolidated net sales of ¥300 billion. We had set this value as a medium-to long-term goal in the past; it has now finally become achievable. Toward that goal, we will ramp up offensive management, which we had kept in check during the major management reforms undertaken after the Lehman Brothers collapse.

Extending our market share through branch opening strategies that emphasize efficiency

Among our offensive strategies, the most important are branch opening strategies. In the 41st fiscal term, we will advance strategies with greater emphasis on efficiency than in the past. Drawing on market data and our internal data, we are now rolling out efficient branch opening strategies.
Already, based on this data, we have made decisions on new branch openings in areas with strong market potential into the future, as well as decisions on the opening of Home Mate branches and the transfer of branches to favorable locations with the aim of increasing customer visits, and on changes in branch form to stabilize our sublease business. We are now opening branches in accordance with this plan.
In this way, we are aiming for further business expansion and market share growth.

Promoting an urban-oriented sales strategy

In order for our company to grow further, we must establish a firm position in urban areas. Toward that end, we are introducing new urban-oriented products and developing new businesses.

Rental condominiums with attached owner's residences

Although floor-area ratios of buildings are set high in the urban commercial districts, there are many buildings that do not fully take advantage of this. For such landowners, we are proposing buildings that capitalize on the advantages of their location, including rental condominiums with attached owner's residences.

Upscale rental condominiums

Sakae Tower Hills

As an example of rental properties suited to urban areas, we are promoting our business of upscale rental condominiums aimed at top managers, the executives and officers of large companies, and other members of the affluent class. We categorize the floors of buildings into high-, medium-, and low-levels, and deploy facilities and specifications matched to the budgets of target tenants. In addition to our directly managed property Chikusa Tower Hills (Chikusa Ward, Nagoya; completed in 2007), we plan to start construction soon on Sakae Tower Hills (Naka Ward, Nagoya).

Large-size corner window frames In the corner rooms of the building, we use large-size corner window frames. This creates an open living space that commands a wide view. Balconies The projecting balconies reveal a sharp form that stretches skyward, with vertical lines aligned. The top is adorned with a crown design. Designed windows Round windows made with modern, large size glass and traditional architectural styles to create a contrast of large and small.The design has a functional beauty that combines the modern and the traditional. Observation deck On the roof is an observation deck that offers unparalleled perfect views. At night, the crown around the deck shines symbolically. 5th-floor rooftop garden This rooftop garden is connected to the tenants-only fitness room. It offers a healing space surrounded by plants, conferring a touch of nature rich in grass and trees. Entrance The entrance features an outside wall tiled with stone and an approach that floats on water, escorting people to a luxurious and healing living space.
Sakae Tower Hills You can see the construction progress status of "Sakae Tower Hills" from the above official page.

Peripheral businesses

In addition to the apartment buildings and rental condominiums that constitute our core business, we are moving quickly to establish two new peripheral businesses. The first is the condominium sales business. In the case of land in favorable locations, we are also looking at the idea of our company purchasing the land and then constructing and operating subdivided lot condominiums. In addition, we are launching a membership-based corporate housing business (that is, hotel-like rental condominium business) for the enterprise market. In this business, our company will construct upscale condominiums exclusive to corporate clients in urban areas, for use by them as company housing or hotels.

Renewal of designs to strengthen the competitiveness of construction products

Token Corporation is working to strengthen its competitiveness not only in urban area-oriented products but also in all construction products. In particular, it is important that we regularly review and improve designs, as these are important points in asset formation for facility owners and in the acquisition of tenants.
To differentiate ourselves from competitors, we will undertake design within the company and will collaborate with talented design offices to undertake wide-ranging renewals, doing so with a sense of urgency and taking into account the needs of the modern era.

Taking on overseas markets in the future, expanding business, and raising the speed of growth

To further expand our business domains, we launched a New Business Strategy Office. With this move, we are considering completely new businesses without being bound by conventional thinking concerning the construction business and real estate leasing business, and are also setting our sights on expansion into Southeast Asia.
In Southeast Asia, with its promising growth and increasing population, we are conducting surveys of destinations where we can leverage the know-how we have built up in Japan.
In the 41st fiscal term, we will expand our business even after achieving consolidated net sales of ¥300 billion, and will raise the speed of our growth.