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The following is an introduction of the Token Group, including subsidiaries and manufacturing plants.

Utilizing its own network, Nasluck introduces high-quality, low cost products from around the world to the Japanese market.
Nasluck has its own manufacturing plants for fabricating products and also uses its global network to import building materials and housing equipment.

Nasluck Co., Ltd.

  • Nasluck
  • Nasluck boasts world-class multifunctional facilities that supply the market with kitchens, baths, and bathroom vanities. By providing products that meet the needs of the times, Nasluck assists homeowners in creating their dream home by matching lifestyles with interior styles.
    ISO 9001
    Head Office / Izumo Dantani Plant
    NK Fukaya Plant / Chiba Cisco Plant
    Shelulu Kobe Plant / NAS Kamakura Plant
Nasluck Plant
Izumo Dantani Plant Izumo Dantani Plant This plant is Nasluck's manufacturing division for wooden interior furnishings, furniture, and carpentry materials. As our furniture and wood product supply base, the plant offers a rich lineup of products created by achieving manufacturing production of high-quality products that make maximum use of the warmth of wood while also reducing costs.
NK Fukaya Plant NK Fukaya Plant The NK Fukaya Plant mainly manufactures and supplies steel beams materials and exterior panels for Token Corporation's core product, Shelulu-TP II, which is a strongly earthquake resistant, steel structure rental apartment building using both heavy and lightweight steel materials.
The patent and new applications of this product have been approved. Its independently developed high-strength frame has demonstrated a powerful capability in preventing deformation of structures caused by earthquakes.
Chiba Cisco Plant Chiba Cisco Plant The Chiba Cisco Plant processes steel beam materials and creates unit components. Its products are not only used as structural materials in lease housing, but also in large-scale construction, civil engineering, and bridges. The plant aims to supply the market with low-cost, high-quality housing and building materials and to achieve in-plant production of conventional houses.
Shelulu Kobe Plant Shelulu Kobe Plant As the manufacturing base of the western Japan region, this plant produces Shelulu TP II high-earthquake-resistant, lightweight steel beams and high-strength, vibration-dampening frames. It is attached to a second plant for manufacturing housing fixtures and equipment.
NAS Kamakura PlantNAS Kamakura PlantThe NAS Kamakura Plant boasts world-class multifunctional facilities for efficiently fabricating stainless steel products. The plant carries out all processing, from cutting and bending to welding and polishing, assembly, and packaging.

Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd.A wholly owned Chinese subsidiary of Nasluck, this company serves an important role as procurement point for quality, low-cost products from China.
Shanghai Tohan International Trading delivers products that meet the needs of the world. It does so by attention to detail from the planning stage to delivery, careful selection of materials, and strict quality control.

Token TADO Country Co., Ltd.

Token TADO Country Club Nagoya

Token TADO Country Club NagoyaToken TADO Country Club Nagoya Host course for the Token Home Mate Cup, the first event on Japan's professional golf tour for male players, the Token TADO Country Club Nagoya is a prestigious course that is recognized as one of the top domestic courses. It was the first golf course in the Chubu region to be approved as a tournament course by the Japan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO) and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) of Japan. Its beautiful surrounding scenery makes playing this course a truly enjoyable experience. In addition to maintaining the course and carrying out improvements, the Token Group is making use of its advanced management know-how to run highly profitable and efficient golf course operations.

Hotel TADO ONSEN (hot spring)

Hotel TADO ONSEN (hot spring)Hotel TADO ONSEN (hot spring) is situated within the Token TADO Country Club. These accommodations are used by a wide variety of guests, including golf players coming a long distance, those just wanting to take their time or those wanting to enjoy the hot spring baths.

Token Resort Japan Co., Ltd.

Token SHUGA Country Club

Token SHUGA Country ClubThe Token Shuga Country Club is the sister course of Token TADO Country Club Nagoya. In 2006, this course hosted the Token Home Mate Cup.
The top-of-the-line golf resort was designed by golf-great Gary Player and one of Japan's leading architects Hirochika Tomizawa. In January 2005, the course was officially approved by the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) of Japan.

Finance, Insurance, Travel, Advertising, and Building Management Services

Token Lease Fund Co., Ltd.

Token Lease Fund Co., Ltd.The Token Group has established the Token Lease Fund to advance the leasing industry and enable it to deal with changes in the economic environment. The fund acts as a financing service to support the land-use activities of land and property owners. Directly financing a portion of the funding needs of clients, the fund provides solid support for the plans of land and property owners through appropriate planning and procedures. The fund caters to a wide range of finance and insurance needs, offering agency services for casualty and live insurance in addition to various types of finance product, credit, and lease operations.

Totsu Travel Co., Ltd.

Totsu Travel Co., Ltd.The Token Group founded Totsu Travel in 1994 to develop a travel agency business centered on the group. Having established an organization that can provide a wide range of services, from making accommodation and travel arrangements to package and free tours, the company also can offer its own high-valued-added travel packages. For example, it offers golf tournament gallery or golf pleasure tours that make use of Token's experience with sports events. The subsidiary also creates unique plans and proposals for company training outings or employee trips. Along with providing detailed customer-oriented services and putting its organizational power to work, Totsu Travel ensures that customers enjoy highly individualistic trips. With golf tours in particular, the company boasts a long record of trips in Japan and overseas, earning a strong reputation among customers for its wide variety of plans and meticulous services.

Totsu Agency Co., Ltd.

Totsu Agency Co., Ltd.As a result of its active PR activities since its foundation, the Token Group has establish high name brand recognition throughout Japan. In 1990, the Group established the Totsu Agency as a general advertising agency to provide advertising media planning services for TV, radio, newspapers, and other media and to plan and create advertising, events, and publications. The agency plays a central role in the PR activities of the Token Group.

Token Building Management Co., Ltd.

Token Building Management Co., Ltd.Amid trends to real estate securitization and fund creation, products which fuse real estate and finance, the Token Group has added a new capability of property management to its accumulated know-how in lease management systems. Token Building Management provides services to customers under this new and advanced system.

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